Psychotherapy (In-person, Limassol)

Practical information

*Sessions are offered in Greek or English.
*50-minute or 60-minute sessions are offered.

If we decide to work together, psychotherapy will generally take the following course:

First Session

The first session will serve as an orientation, centered around your current situation, the issues that prompted you to seek therapy, and any questions you may have regarding the process. The first meeting provides an opportunity to learn more about one another and get an idea of how to move forward and what working together will be like.

Phase I

Following the initial session, the first 2-4 sessions will focus on your background and your history across different areas of your life, as well as on an evaluation of your needs and goals for therapy. During this time, I will be able to gain a more thorough understanding of you, the potential influencing factors, and areas of work. By the end of this phase, I will be able to offer you some first impressions and a treatment plan to follow, tailored to your needs. Together, we will make sure that the goals set are doable.

Phase II

In this phase we will be actively working towards your goals. Various therapeutic approaches and tools will be employed at various stages of the intervention. The frequenct of sessions and length of the intervention will vary based on the nature of your problems, goals, finances, time, etc,. Together, we will track your progress toward your objectives on a regular basis and modify your treatment plan as needed.

Phase III

It is important for therapy to end in a proper way. Together we will decide when it is time to finish working together, and sessions will be reduced gradually. I encourage ending with a relapse prevention plan so that you know how to deal with the same problem/issue, should it ever reoccur.

Request an appointment

In order for therapy to be effective, it is very important that you feel at ease with the therapist you choose.
An initial session will allow us to discuss any questions or concerns you might have regarding therapyand give you a sense of what working with me will be like.