Wishing happy new year?

If I could sum up my own and many of my clients’ experience over the past year, in terms of happiness and what can make a lasting positive impact on life, that would be:

*Trust life, trust the journey.
Let go of the idea of perfect life. Accept and appreciate life for what it is, instead. See the value behind and allow yourself to grow through mistakes made, bad events, bad periods in life. Let life show you why you should be thankful that things did work out the way you planned or wanted to. Let your wrong choices lead you to the right ones and then let yourself be thankful for them.

*Work on loving yourself.
No, it’s not about admiring yourself in the mirror. It’s about valuing yourself for who you are, sticking to your values, attending to your needs, taking care of yourself, and not settling for less than what makes you feel good.

*Dream. Own your dreams.
Realize your dreams, believe you can reach them, follow and work towards them. Be careful not to get caught up in others’ dreams. Your dreams should fill YOU up with passion, make YOU feel alive, make YOU feel fulfilled. It doesn’t matter what these dreams are and how they change over time; just make sure you own them.

Experiencing happiness doesn’t actually have to do with a certain time in life, certain things or certain external conditions. It’s within us, and we’ve got every minute of our life to work on our self, change our perspective and start fresh!