About me

My name is Raphailia Michael (Ραφαηλία Μιχαήλ) and I am a licensed Counseling Psychologist.


Ever since I can remember myself nothing interested me more than anything related to people’s emotional worlds, ways of thinking, experiences, stories, drives, behaviors, and paths in life. Even if our experiences vary, there is a lot we all share in common: we go through the same emotions, fight our own battles in life, and are born with innate resilience—the capacity to survive, adapt, recover and, even, flourish amid adversity. Being a qualified psychologist today, my goal is to support my clients as they navigate their unique life journeys.


Having received my bachelor’s degree (BA) in Psychology from University of Cyprus, I moved to the Netherlands where I completed my master’s degree (MA) in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology in Webster University in Leiden. Over the years of my training and in the year that followed my master’s completion, I worked extensively with adults of all ages and different backgrounds, offering psychotherapy for a range of problems and symptoms, individually as well as in groups. 

Throughout the years, I was also largely involved in research projects (in the areas of child psychopathology, forensic psychology and health care) as research associate, acquiring extensive experience particularly in psycho-physiological methods.  I was, as well, involved in NGOs and Associations that promote mental health, children’s welfare and support for domestic violence.

Since 2016 I am a practitioner psychologist based in Cyprus. In my office, located in Limassol, I offer psychotherapy, couples counseling and skills groups to locals and internationals. At the same time, I work extensively with individuals from all over the world providing Psychotherapy sessions online. 

Beside from my practice, I have been involved in the areas of recruitment and communication/personal development training.

 I am committed to continuous professional development (CPD) thus I regularly attend conferences and trainings, while I maintain inter- and intradisciplinary professional relationships. 




Everybody wants to have happy, fulfilled lives, yet throughout our lives, we will all need to deal with worry, fear, sadness, uncertainty, and loss in many forms. While most of the time we will be able to get through successfully, there will be times when we feel overwhelmed, conflicted, stuck, or lost.

To help us navigate these emotions, psychotherapy looks at old and current wounds, core needs, thought patterns, core beliefs, coping mechanisms and behavioral patterns. While equipping us with new skills and tools to cope, it can help us identify what gets in the way of living the life we want to live, the ways we unintentionally hold ourselves back, and the way we make choices.

Ultimately, it seeks to strengthen our agency—that is, our capacity and sense of control in shaping our lives into what we see fit—as well as our capacity to embrace ourselves and our needs with curiosity, tenderness, and care.

Psychotherapy is a transformative journey of self-discovery, authenticity, personal growth, and self-empowerment.
It is not always an easy journey; I can assure you it’s worth it.

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